Donovan Smith Design Studio

For the past decade Brooklyn jewelry designer Donovan Smith has been working from the ethos that good design should be elegant, not overworked. His handmade wearables are a testament to this ideal.

Custom work is available.


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Signature Collection

Donovan Smith JewelryThe Signature Collection spans from clean, modern design to ornate romanesque patterns. Gold, Silver, Diamonds, and exotic hardwoods are used to create these sleek pieces.
The Wood and Gold array references mid century modern design using sleek shapes and organic materials to create minimal yet sophisticated
The Romanesque jewelry uses patterns embelished on bold pieces to create a striking visual.
All jewelry is handmade.

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'til death

'til death jewelryThe distinctive 'til death collection was born when Donovan and his wife Alison were getting married and realized that the more common wedding ring designs out in the world were not their style.
While strolling through the Metropolitan Museum of Art they happened upon a small painting with the inscription "Vive Memor Leti". This quote stuck and the theme of their rings had been found.
Referencing 16th century imagery of love, life, and death these commitment rings serve as a constant reminder to "live mindfully of death"

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Pandemic jewelryThe Pandemic Line is an updated take on the traditional practice of art drawn from science and nature. Inspired by the beauty of the natural world, the pieces are modeled after the electron microscope photographs of viruses.

Crafted in Sterling Silver and semi-precious stones, this jewelry satisfies Donovans fascination with the unseen world.

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